Since: Editor 1.0

Submit a form to the server for processing.
Please note - this property requires the Editor extension for DataTables.

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Submitting modified data to the server for storage and future retrieval is of course a key building block in Editor. This method provides that ability, submitting the form data that has been initiated using the create, edit, remove, bubble or inline methods, and the values input by the user or through the API.

On complete the actions that Editor performs will depend upon the data editing mode of Editor:

  • DataTables (i.e. the table option was provided in the initialisation):
    • Create: A new row will be added to the DataTable with the new data
    • Edit (including bubble and inline editing): The data in the existing row will be updated
    • Remove: The rows requested for removal will be dropped.
  • Standalone:
    • Edit (including bubble and inline editing): The data in the fields will be updated
    • Note that standalone editing can be used with the create and remove actions, but the form data will simply be updated for each, rather than fields being dynamically added or removed from the page, as they would be in a DataTable.

These actions are carried out by Editor automatically and cannot be modified directly through the callback functions or events (although you could alter the updated display if required).