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This package includes:

  • Editor
  • PHP libraries for Editor1
  • Full suite of examples



This package includes:

  • Editor
  • .NET libraries for Editor2
  • Full suite of examples


JS+CSS only

This package includes:

  • Editor


  • 1: The PHP libraries require PHP 5.3 or newer and fully support PHP 7.
  • 2: The .NET libraries support .NET Framework 4.0 and newer. .NET Core is not yet supported. C# 6.0 is the language used should you wish to compile the library dll.

Editor v1.6.5

Phrases such as "probably the last in the x series" that accompanied the 1.6.4 should probably be banned. This is an additional bug fix release for the 1.6.x series which addresses a few issues found that shouldn't wait for 1.7, including a type checking issue that should have been fixed in 1.6.4. A couple of missing features have also been added for completeness.

Editor 1.6

The Editor 1.6 is a major update to the Editor software package and includes a number of new headline features:

  • Templating forms for custom layouts
  • Local table editing without need to save to a server
  • Semantic UI integration
  • Support for compound keys
  • Oracle support for the PHP and .NET server-side libraries
  • Cancellable server-side events for PHP and .NET
  • Easier and more comprehensive join options for PHP and .NET
  • A new debug mode so you can see exactly what SQL Editor's server-side libraries are running.

There are many other smaller changes that make Editor easier to work with and of course a number of updates that address known issues. Please see the release notes below for full details of the changes and additions in this release.

Upgrading from 1.5

There are no special requirements when updating from Editor 1.5.x. All changes are fully backwards compatible.

Upgrading from 1.4 or earlier

An upgrade document document is available for those upgrading from v1.4 which details the changes from older versions.

All releases