Since: Editor 1.0

Create a new item.
Please note - this property requires the Editor extension for DataTables.

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This method is used to create new records, optionally showing the create form to the end user for them to input information, or the form can be submitted programmatically without user intervention.

Field values in the form are automatically set to their default values as configured by fields.def.

As of Editor 1.5 this method can be used to create multi-rows from a single form due to the multi-row editing ability. When using multi-row editing field values can be addressed individually through the row id - however, when creating new rows the rows do not have ids assigned until submitted to the server, so the rows are assigned indexes 0...N where N is the number of rows being created.

This method has two different styles of being called (see above). Editor will automatically detect which method is used and act accordingly. Although the newer style introduced in Editor 1.3 is preferred for its flexibility, the older style is still retained for backwards compatibility and can continue to be used.