Friday 20th May, 2016

Editor 1.5.6 release notes

The Editor 1.5.6 is a minor bug fix release that addresses a number of issues that have been identified since the last release. As such it is a recommended upgrade for all developers using Editor.

A couple of small new features are present, including the ability to order one-to-many joined data and also support for inline and bubble editing with FixedColumns. Please see the release notes below for full details.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Release notes


  • Javascript
    • When Editor changes a field's value to change, it will trigger the field's change event with an object passed to the event handler that has the proeprty editor:true to allow the listener to know that it was Editor that programmatically set the value, rather than the end user.
    • Full support for FixedColumns with inline and bubble editing
    • Ability to specify the insert order when using add() to dynamically create new fields.
  • PHP
    • Mjoin->order() method which provides the ability to define the order of the data in the joined array.
  • .NET
    • MJoin.Order() method which provides the ability to define the order of the data in the joined array.


  • Javascript
    • If server-side processing is enabled and the drawType set to none to prevent an Ajax request, the table was not redrawing.
    • When changing between months in the datetime it was possible for some months to be "skipped" in the display depending on the value selected.
    • dependent() wouldn't see events triggered by elements which were not present when the method was called (e.g. dynamically loaded options for radio and checkbox inputs).
    • Standalone inline editing with nested data wouldn't work
    • Select2 plug-in wouldn't show the value automatically when used with val() (or other similar API methods).
    • A file selected for upload could not be cleared and then uploaded again (without a save).
    • Bootstrap integration could show multiple close boxes in the modal if multiple Editors were used on the page
    • If a value contained an array, its entity values would not be decoded form the XSS protection
    • Form level error message wasn't being shown in the jQuery UI integration
    • inError() would incorrectly report an error when the first is first displayed if used with Bootstrap, Foundation or jQuery UI styling
    • Multi-level dependent select field types could display the default value incorrectly if a placeholder was used and ajax used to update the options.
    • Today's date could be selected in correctly in timezones with a negative UTC offset
  • PHP
    • Update Htmlawed to 1.1.22
    • Mjoined fields were not being correctly quoted in the SQL query. The result was that keywords could cause an error.
    • Two private methods in Editor class were marked as public
    • One-to-many join with no link table required the join columns to be defined in a specific order when using the link() method. It will now accept the fields in any order.
    • Remove superfluous use statements in the PHP libraries
  • .NET
    • One-to-many join was note checking to see if the array of information submitted was actually present or not being using it. This could potentially result in data loss if used with "submit:'changed'".
    • Mjoined fields were not being correctly quoted in the SQL query. The result was that keywords could cause an error.
    • Mjoin compatiblity with Oracle
  • CSS
    • Improved styling for Bootstrap and Foundation inline editing, including showing the processing indicator when data is submitted
    • Correct invalid linear-gradient syntax
    • Improved error message styling for Bootstrap, Foundation and jQuery UI
  • Examples
    • i18n example should use periods for thousands seperator
    • Use automatic submission on blur for inline tabbing example
    • Typo in remove message example
  • Docs
    • Note the enable() and disable() methods in readonly documentation
    • Typo in ajax documentation and emphasis that success and error should not be overwritten
    • Typo for preCreate and preEdit parameter description
    • Syntax errors in examples for edit() (trailing semi-colons)