Tuesday 10th February, 2015

Editor 1.4.0 release notes

v1.4 is a very exciting release of Editor as it adds full support for the .NET platform with pre-built libraries that provide feature parity with the already existing PHP libraries. The APIs of both the .NET and PHP libraries are similar so you can jump between the two if needed and technique which apply to one will also apply to the other. There are of course some platform differences so the libraries are at home on each platform, for example the .NET libraries provide support for models which is not present in the PHP version.

Although the primary focus in 1.4 development has been on the new .NET libraries, the PHP and Javascript components of Editor have also seen improvements including the new dependent() method, refinement of options and fine grained control over the get / set options on the server.

The release notes below detail the changes between Editor 1.4.0-beta.1 and 1.4.0. For full release notes for the changes since 1.3.3, please refer to the 1.4.0-beta and 1.4.0-beta.1 notes.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Upgrade notes

When updating from 1.3- or earlier, please ensure that you update the Javascript and CSS components of Editor. If you were using the PHP libraries from a previous release these should also be updated at the same time.

This release is fully backwards compatible: 1.4 is a drop in replacement for 1.3!

Release notes


  • Fix - JS: jQuery UI date picker could change month when in inline editing mode
  • Fix - JS: When bluring inline add a call to the field specific function owns to see if the field "owns" the element that was clicked on to trigger the blur or not. This is need for inputs that draw outside of the form such as calander inputs


  • Fix - PHP: When setValue() was being used, a field's value wasn't being correctly read from the database
  • Fix - PHP: Editor::action() had a typo for the remove action


  • Fix - NET: DataReader not being correctly closed


  • Fix - docs: dependent() had a typo in the function signature


  • Update - example: Inline tab example now updates on blur