Tuesday 27th January, 2015

Editor 1.4.0 beta.1 release notes

This release is the second, and likely final beta of Editor 1.4 which continues building the new .NET support for Editor, finalises changes in the Javascript and PHP libraries and addresses all known issues.

As before, this is a beta release primarily to allow feedback on the new .NET libraries. If you do run into any issues, please get in touch so the issue can be resolved for the final release.

Details of all changes are available below.

Release notes


  • New - JS: Support for bubble() and inline() with standalone collection editing
  • New - JS: dependent() method that can be used to easily add field dependencies. For example showing or hiding a field, or updating a field's options list, based on a user selected value.
  • New - JS: field().input() method which will obtain the input element(s) for a field (regardless of the field type) so events can be attached to the inputs with ease.
  • New - JS: Standalone Editor can now edit collections of information outside a DataTable rather than just a single dimension of data. An example is included of this new option and the standalone documentation updated.
  • New - JS: ajax.data can return a string to be used as the request body. This is useful for submitting a JSON string to the server
  • Fix - JS: When using inline editing, if the cell used a renderer to create a node, and submitOnBlur was used, the inline edit would submit immediately giving no opportunity to edit the field.
  • Fix - JS: When using ajax as an object to specify the options for a REST style interface, if create was not specified, then edit and remove would not work
  • Fix - JS: Radio, select and checkbox field types update() method modified to not select a null value if the exisiting value is not present in the list of new values.
  • Fix - JS: If a DataTables draw took an inline editing cell out of the visible document, Editor would get stuck with no ability to inline edit other cells due to an unassigned event listener. This could happen if you inline edit a cell in the ordered column that takes it off the current page.
  • Fix - JS: show() and hide() didn't always correctly determine if animation was required or not due to the use of is(':visible'). Using display() resolves this.
  • Fix - JS: On field options update, if the existing value is null, don't try to select an option
  • Fix - JS: Error in IE10- when activeElement is lost before keydown is executed
  • Fix - JS: Tab key wasn't allowing focus to exit the buttons in Firefox
  • Fix - JS: Allow an empty label value to be set for a field
  • Fix - JS: Buttons couldn't be updated after the form was shown for jQuery UI
  • Fix - JS: In standalone mode when used with IE it was possible for form elements, or the display value, to have its DOM node incorrectly garbage collected which would result in no JS errors (since the reference was still present) but an visual error since the node wasn't available for display. Very odd! The fix is remove the child nodes first using removeChild().


  • New - PHP: The Join class can now use the same where options as the main Editor class in that you can provide either a closure function for complex conditions or the simple conditions as before.
  • New - PHP: Add Editor->transaction() method to allow db transactions to be disabled, which is required for some database configurations.
  • Fix - PHP: unique validator wasn't performing the common validation
  • Fix - PHP: Documentation for some database methods had typos in them
  • Fix - PHP: Server-side processing error when requesting all rows (length == -1)


  • New - .NET: Support Microsoft Azure database services
  • New - .NET: Oracle db support
  • New - .NET: SQLite support
  • New - .NET: Postgres support
  • New - .NET: Add SQLServer CE driver support for local databases
  • New - .NET: MJoin() method / class for one-to-many joins
  • New - .NET: Editor.Transaction() method which can be used to enabled and disable Editor's use of transactions, which can be useful for some database configurations.
  • Fix - .NET: Server-side processing error if all rows were requested (length==-1)


  • New - examples: Standalone inline collection editor
  • Update - examples: Inline editing options example needed events updated to 1.3 style
  • Fix - example: Correct comment on in table controls example
  • Fix - example: Standalone inline example had a formatting error due to the applied styling


  • Fix - docs: i18n.remove.confirm incorrectly used %s in the documentation as the plural substitution. It should be %d
  • Fix - docs: Remove two private methods from the generated PHP documentation that shouldn't have been shown in the public interface