Since: Editor 2.0

DataTable as an input.
Please note - this property requires the Editor extension for DataTables.

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This field type uses DataTables to present an interactive table to your end user letting them select from a list of options. It has all the advantages of DataTables including searching, ordering, paging and other optional features such as scrolling and can be used as a direct replacement for select, checkbox or radio. It can also serve as a replacement for a more advanced input control such as Select2 or Selectize and has the benefit of being fully integrated with Editor.

The Select extension is used to let users select rows by a simple click or tap on a row in the table. When the multiple option is disabled (which it is by default) the user may select a single row in the table. When multiple is enabled, the user may use ctrl and shift click combinations to multiple select rows (see Select documentation for details).

Please see the Editor embedded DataTables example for a full set of running examples.

It is possible to access the DataTables API instance for the field's table through the editor.field('name').dt() function.