Since: Editor 1.3

Form blur event - triggered when the form loses focus (cancellable).
Please note - this property requires the Editor extension for DataTables.

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Emitted before a form blur occurs. A blur is an optional form close action, typically triggered by user interaction with the page, such as clicking on the form background, although it can also be triggered by blur().

The blur can either close the form (close()) or trigger a submission (submit()) depending on the form-options configured for the form.

This event is cancellable by returning false from the event handler, which will block any further action from happening (i.e. the close or submit), leaving the form in its existing state.

Event naming / backwards compatibility note

Prior to Editor 1.3, events were prefixed with the string on and this event was called onpreBlur. That event name can still be used, and will function exactly the same way as the event documented here. The new name is used for simplicity and coherence with the event naming conventions in DataTables.