Since: Editor 1.0

Form hide event, fired when the form is removed from the display.
Please note - this property requires the Editor extension for DataTables.

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This event is triggered when the form has been instructed to close by a call to the close() method (which can occur internally on form submission, background click, close button click, etc, as well as an external call).

Note that the close event is triggered immediately upon the call to close(). As such, if the display controller uses animation to hide the form display (as both of the built in display controllers do) the form DOM elements will still be in the document until the animation is complete - i.e. they will still be present when this method is called. This can be useful for unbinding events that might have been used in the opened form. The display() method should be used to determine whether or not the Editor form is visible or not at any given time.

This of the compliment open event.

Event naming / backwards compatibility note

Prior to Editor 1.3, events were prefixed with the string on and this event was called onClose. That event name can still be used, and will function exactly the same way as the event documented here. The new name is used for simplicity and coherence with the event naming conventions in DataTables.