Since: Editor 1.0

Define the control buttons to be shown in the form.
Please note - this property requires the Editor extension for DataTables.

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Editor can display buttons in each of its editing modes (edit(), bubble() and inline()) which, typically, provides the end user with a method of saving the form, or optionally closing it. However, the buttons shown are exceptionally configurable and can be configured to perform almost any action as they will run a defined function when activated.

In its simplest form, a button definition is simple a string, which is used as the label for the button and the action is automatically set to submit the form (as this is the most common action for a button in an Editor form!). More complex buttons with custom behaviour, class names, etc can be defined using as described by the button-options documentation.

Whether buttons are shown in the form or not is controlled by the buttons option in the form-options configuration object used to show the form.

Note that calling this method will replace any buttons which are currently shown in the form.