Wednesday 17th May, 2023

Editor 2.1.3 release notes

Famous last words, but I expect this to be the latest release before 2.2! It addresses a number of little issues in Javascript, the .NET and PHP libraries. See below for full details.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Release notes


  • Update: Bootstrap 5 modal can now have classes defined by DataTable.Editor.display.bootstrap.classes.modal
  • Fix: def() was called twice when creating a new row, rather than just calling once and reusing
  • Fix: In a datatable field type, if scrolling was enabled and there was no items in the list selected, a JS error would occur
  • Fix: When datatable is used with scrolling and scroll collapse, the draw wouldn't collapse the table


  • Fix: Add missing license file - MIT licensed
  • Fix: SearchPanes was throwing an error on .NET 7


  • Fix: pagination for Oracle driver
  • Fix: SearchPane option ordering could give a deprecated warning if null data is present
  • Fix: Upload when used with a custom action could result in an error
  • Fix: Validation when using setValue for a field should validate that value since that is what will be written to the db