Friday 18th September, 2020

Editor 1.9.5 release notes

Patch release of Editor which addresses issues which have come to light since the previous release. While there are no new major features here, it is still a recommended upgrade for everyone using Editor.

For details on the changes in 1.9, please refer to the 1.9.0 release notes.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Release notes



  • JS: Clear dynamic error information on preOpen to ensure that any async error messages are no longer shown
  • JS: Clicking "12" button in a time picker for 12 hour clock would toggle AM/PM
  • JS: Foundation styling was failing with the CSV import
  • JS: jQuery UI integration error for being able to cancel the close event
  • JS: Recalculate Responsive column widths after submitting an update
  • JS: Remove use of now deprecated $.isArray, replacing with Array.isArray. This means the the minimum browser is now IE9.
  • JS: When using dependent() it was possible to submit the form while a field was still processing. This is now no longer the case - the form will wait for the dependent action to complete then automatically submit
  • Styling: Semantic UI will now "flash" the row that was edited, similar to the other styling frameworks
  • Styling: Add extra default styling for input and select elements due to Chrome 83's rather ugly updates
  • Styling: Form buttons were left aligned in the default styling, rather than right aligned
  • Example: The standalone collection example had poor styling due to a change in jQuery 3.5's HTML parsing (self closing tags)



  • Updated - .NET: There is now a Editor.DbTransaction() method which can be used to obtain the database transaction that Editor is using. Will be null if not in a transaction


  • Support for non-dbo schemas
  • .NET: Editor.Process with UnvalidatedRequestValues was only present in .NET Framework 4.5 dll, not the other .NET Framework dlls.



  • Add Editor.dbTransaction() method to get the current transaction database connection
  • Add the row id to the field error messages Dev - NodeJS: Allow the action to be used from the data used for validation, rather than requiring the process method to be used before running validation
  • Optimisation for submitting multiple rows for edit or create - only a single database get is needed now.


  • Fixed issue with SearchPanes when using 2 left joins
  • dbValues was not correctly returning an error if clashes were found
  • Passing an actual number (not a string as is the case in most instances) to the numeric validator would fail!
  • Postgres search bug



  • Fixed issue with SearchPanes when using multiple left joins
  • Make Htmlawed loading psr-4 compatible
  • Use JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK in the json_encode() for Editor->json(). This means that any numeric data is sent to the client as a number rather than a string.