Monday 11th May, 2020

Editor 1.9.3 release notes

This is primarily a bug fix release for Editor, addressing a number of issues (detailed below), but it also introduces support for SearchPanes' new server-side processing capabilities in our server-side libraries.

For details on the changes in 1.9, please refer to the 1.9.0 release notes.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Release notes


  • Allow for null and empty values when using wireFormat for datetime
  • Compatibility with jQuery 3.5
  • i18n.close option added to set a title attribute on the modal close button
  • Errors in upload were throwing an exception rather than an error
  • Long error messages in lightbox modal could corrupt the display visuals. Solution is to move the error message into the body section of the form.
  • Styling error in Firefox when inline editing is used with Responsive
  • trigger uploadXhrError after the error message has been set for an upload field, allowing the message to be customised if needed.
  • Updated default year select in datetime to be +/- 25 years
  • Trigger a change event directly from the datetime component - allows easier use in standalone mode
  • Styling: Bootstrap 3 - when form was large enough to show a scrollbar for the document, clicking on it would dismiss the modal
  • Docs: Suggest that datetime's minDate and maxDate be initialised with ISO8601 strings.
  • Example: Inline editing with Responsive would throw a JS error when clicking on the control columns. But would still operate correctly. No JS error now



  • SearchPanes 1.1 with server-side processing support
  • ValidatedCreate and ValidatedEdit events which are triggered after validation but before writing into the database


  • Leading + sign strings should not be converted to numbers
  • Support for culture specific number formatted numbers when parsing number data from the browser. Pass the locale as the second argument to the Editor.Process() method.



  • SearchPanes 1.1 with server-side processing support
  • Ability for validators to use the formatted value by passing true into Field.validator() as the second value.
  • Add Field.http() method to indicate if a field should be shown in the JSON response or not
  • Allow MJoin set access to have the same granularity as Field - i.e. allow for create and / or edit (or none)
  • validatedCreate and validatedEdit events
  • whereClear() method which can be used to clear out where conditions for an instance, allowing a degree of reuse


  • Better error reporting in transactions
  • Improved numeric validator
  • minNum validator would disallow empty string values, even if they were explicitly allow via the validation options.
  • Postgres transactions weren't working correctly
  • Setting empty: false for validation options wouldn't work.
  • The -many-count parameter for Mjoins wouldn't operate correctly with a number rather than the string representation of a number
  • Unable to delete from table when using an aliased table and the primary key is used in aliased form
  • URL validator only worked with https addresses



  • SearchPanes 1.1 with server-side processing support
  • validatedCreate and validatedEdit events


  • Add a check that data exists before acting on it
  • Incorrect escaping of postgres identifiers
  • PHP 5.3 compatibility error due to use of 5.4 array syntax
  • Throw an exception on DB2 errors, not just a string