Monday 14th July, 2014

Editor 1.3.2 release notes

This is a minor, but none-the-less important, release of Editor which addresses a number of issues with the previous releases. Although primarily a bug fix release (see below for details of each individual fix) there also a couple of new features including the ability to get the row that is being edited in an event through the modifier() method.

Important This update to Editor required TableTools 2.2.2 or newer due (if you are using TableTools with Editor) to a fix that crosses both pieces of software. The latest version of TableTools is available on the DataTables download page.

Details of all changes are available below.

Release notes


  • New: modifier() method - get the modifier that was used to trigger the edit or remove action
  • New - PHP: dsn option in the SQL configuration array
    • This is specifically designed for specifying a character set for MySQL database connections, but is available to all Editor PDO drivers as being able to set additional DSN information can be useful.
    • This is an optional parameter
    • The driver connection methods will now accept an array of options as well as each option individually. This is an internal change and you won't notice any difference unless you have a custom driver.
  • New example: TableTools export buttons
  • New example: Responsive example showing Editor with the new Responsive extension for DataTables


  • Update: AMD loader is now anonymous rather than being a named module


  • Fix: When deferred rendering is enabled, a select all button for deletion would not delete all rows - only those which had already been drawn by the DataTable
    • IMPORTANT: This fix required TableTools 2.2.2 or newer
  • Fix: On smaller screensizes the height of the lightbox wasn't being updated on resize. This was particularly noticable on older computers with a x1024 resolution
  • Fix: Dates can now be set to null (if the database is configured to allow null data) by passing in an empty string
  • Fix: Joins when using Postgres weren't working
  • Fix: Use the given name for fields to extend the object submitted to the server, not the data property.
    • Typically the data and name properties are the same in an Editor field description, but not always, particularly in the case of using the data option as a function.
  • Fix: Remove debug from jQuery UI integration
  • Fix: When using bubble or inline editing, events attached to elements for a field were being removed
  • Fix: When using join tables with matching substrings Editor could mix the two up
  • Fix: Postgres demo SQL for boolean values
  • Fix: Validation should be performed on the wire data
    • The validation was incorrectly being performed once the setFormatter has been run. To match Editor 1.2- the validation should be performed on the raw data (the wire data) submitted by the client unformatted. This also allows raw validation to be performed easily.
  • Fix: Bootstrap styling for bubble editing
  • Fix: Date field type should check calander image for being undefined before setting its own value. Otherwise the calander image can't be hidden.
  • Fix: Bootstrap integration for inline editing
  • Fix: Unable to use as an object
  • Fix: Field validation, if there is a set formatter, always use the data
  • Fix: When using standalone mode and no HTML element is available for a field, allow the default value to be set
  • Fix: message() was setting a field error rather than a message
  • Fix PHP: Remove dbAlias internal method. No longer used
  • Fix PHP: Support columns with a dash (-) in the name
  • Fix PHP: Postgres drive should use double quotes for escaping identifiers
  • Fix docs: Fix typo in edit()
  • Fix example - DOM source table wasn't showing PHP file
  • Fix example: localStroage removal had an incorrect array loop
  • Fix examples: Address error with nested data example
  • Fix examples: Correct title for the display controller example