Quill WYSIWYG editor

Quill is a lightweight WYSIWYG editing library that will provides an attractive input where end users and easily edit complex information in a style familiar to all word processor users.

Quill is different from the majority of other WYSIWYG libraries in that it does not use iframes. This makes it more approachable for extension developers and easier to style.

It also has support for multiple modules such as toolbars, authorship highlighting and multiple cursors. The toolbar module is used by default by this Editor plug-in (see options below). Please see the Quill documentation for more information.

Plug-in configuration and API


This field type supports the following options, in addition to the default field-options configuration:

  • string, node, boolean toolbar: Show toolbar (true - default) or not (false). A custom toolbar can be defined, per the Quill documentation, by passing the string or node for the toolbar's HTML to this parameter.
  • object opts: Options passed directly to the Quill configuration object. Please refer to the Quill documentation for the full range of options.


This field type supports the following methods, in addition to the default field() methods:

  • quill: Get the Quill instance used for this field, so you can add additional modules, or perform other API operations on it directly.

License required

The Editor plug-ins are available to download for licensed users of Editor only. If you already have an Editor license, please . Otherwise, an Editor license can be purchased to be able to access the plug-ins.