Bootstrap DateTimePicker (2)

Date and time input selector styled with Bootstrap

Date and time picker in Editor, Bootstrap style. This plug-in provides integration between Bootstrap DateTimePicker control and Editor. Fields can use this control by specifying datetime as the Editor field type.

Plug-in configuration and API


This field type supports the following options, in addition to the default field-options configuration:

  • object opts: DateTimePicker initialisation options object. Please refer to the Bootstrap DateTimePicker documentation for the full range of options available.
  • object attr: Attributes that are applied to the -tag div wrapper element used for the date picker. This can be used to set data attributes which the DateTimePicker allows for setting additional options such as the date format.


This field type supports the following methods, in addition to the default field() methods:

  • inst: Get the DateTimePicker instance so you can call its API methods directly.

License required

The Editor plug-ins are available to download for licensed users of Editor only. If you already have an Editor license, please . Otherwise, an Editor license can be purchased to be able to access the plug-ins.