CKEditor v5

WYSIWYG editor

Use the next generation of the popular CKEditor v5 WYSIWYG input control in Editor to allow easy creation of complex HTML and Markdown content in a regular form field.

This plug-in supports all three types of editing mode provided by CKEditor v5:

  • For the classic editing interface use a field type of ckeditorClassic
  • For CKEditor balloon editing use ckeditorBalloon
  • For CKEditor inline editing use ckeditorInline

Please refer to the CKEditor documentation for the difference between the various types. You will need to load the CKEditor Javascript for the editor that you wish to use.

Plug-in configuration and API


This field type supports the following options, in addition to the default field-options configuration:

  • object opts: CKEditor initialisation options object. Please refer to the CKEditor v5 documentation for the full range of options available.


This field type supports the following methods, in addition to the default field() methods:

  • inst: Get the CKEditor instance so you can manipulate it directly with CKEditor's own API.

License required

The Editor plug-ins are available to download for licensed users of Editor only. If you already have an Editor license, please . Otherwise, an Editor license can be purchased to be able to access the plug-ins.