Display controller plug-ins

Display controllers control how the overall Editor form is presented to the end user. Different display controllers can create dramatically different interfaces for your end user to interact with. Editor has two built in display controllers, lightbox and envelope and additional display controllers can easily be added through plug-ins.

In addition to the plug-ins found here, you can also create your own custom plug-in if you don't find one that suits your needs.

How to use

Using a display controller plug-in is a simple matter of including the Javascript for the plug-in (and any CSS or external libraries that the plug-in depends upon) and then initialising Editor with the display option set to the name of the plug-in. For example, to use the jqueryui plug-in:

new $.fn.dataTable.Editor( {
    ajax: "../php/todo.php",
    table: "#todo",
    display: "jqueryui"
} );


jQuery UI Dialog Use jQuery UI's dialog library to display the Editor form.
On page form display Show the Editor form in a dedicated element embedded in the page.
Bootstrap 5 OffCanvas Use an OnffCanvas component to display the Editor form.