Editor is built from the ground up to be extensible, allowing it to be easily modified for any situation - even its editing of a DataTable is a plug-in internally! With plug-ins you can customise how Editor displays the data to be edited and how the user inputs the data. There are two primary types of plug-ins available for Editor:

Field type plug-ins

Field type plug-ins provide the ability to customise a single field in a reusable script, allowing any field in the editing form to be customised to match your exact needs. For example you might wish to use a date picker that works with Bootstrap, or the excellent Select2 library. Read more »

Display controller plug-ins

Display controllers control how the overall Editor form is presented to the end user. Different display controllers can create dramatically different interfaces for your end user to interact with. Editor has two built in display controllers, lightbox and envelope and additional display controllers can easily be added through plug-ins. Read more »