Plug-in development

Editor is designed from its core up to be modular and completely customisable. Its API provides a lot of options for control over the form, but the contents in of the form and how the form is actually displayed can be modified to suit your exact needs.

Editor provides two different types of plug-in interface:

  • Field types
  • Display controller

Editor plug-ins

Field type plug-ins

When creating a web-app with Editor you might have a form which requires a specialised, unique, form control that is not available in Editor's built in field types. Catering for every possible field type in Editor's core would be impossible, so only the most common field types are made available by the core. As such, Editor makes it easy to extend the capabilities of the library by providing a plug-in architecture for field types. Read more »

Display controllers

When creating your web-application you will have a particular style and visual interface in mind and the last thing you will want is a library that should be saving you time getting in the way of that visual style and costing you time and effort to integrate it with your app! Editor recognises this fact and presents a display controller plug-in architecture for its display components allowing you to completely customise the look and feel of your forms. Read more »