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Editor's Generator provides a quick and easy method to construct everything you need to use Editor on your own site. Generator will construct a package customised for your exact needs that you can upload to your server and start using Editor almost immediately with a minimum of configuration (simply upload the files, install the generated SQL and add your SQL DB username and password credentials).

Note that Generator is not designed to present all of the options that are available in Editor - it is a quick start tool only. To get the most out of Editor working with the API and initialisation options is required!

Database information

Server backend and DB:
Table name:

Using the options on the left configure the database and server-side environment, then enter the form and database table options into the table below. Finally download the Complete package to have Generator build everything you need.

Tutorial - Using Generator

Form / Table

Order Form label SQL column Field type Default Validation Extra options Include in Delete
Required Options Table Editor


To use generator, please sign into your DataTables account or create one.


The number of options available in Generator can seem daunting, but to get started, all you really need to do is fill in the text boxes! From there you can customise the generated Editor files by changing some of the options in the table. The definitions for the options in Editor are shown below.

Tutorial - Using Generator

Database information - tells Generator about your server and database environment.

Server backend and DB:
Select from this list what server-side scripting language and the database type that you would like to use. If your scripting language or database is not listed then you absolutely can still use Editor and the Generator, but you will need to create the server-side script. Please let me know what language and database you are using so I can look at adding that to Generator in future!
Table name:
The SQL table name so the scripts can query the table. Note that Generator does not currently support queries which require a JOIN. For occasions where you do need Editor to read from and update multiple tables you will need to create the server-side script.

Form / Table - tells Generator about the fields in your SQL table that you want to be shown in your DataTable / Editor and information about each of those individual fields.

The order that the fields will be shown both in the DataTable and the Editor form. Note that it is very easy to work with the code to have a different order for the DataTable and Editor if you so wish! Just edit the generated Javascript to show the fields in the order you want.
Form label:
The text that is presented both in the header of the DataTable for the column and the label for the Editor field input.
SQL column:
Name of the SQL column that will hold the data for this column - something similar to the label would be best!
Field type:
The Editor input type (remember you can add more using the fields API!).
Default value for the field when the user adds a new row to the table.
Indicate if a value is required from the end user when adding or editing a row. Note that empty strings are rejected here!
Depending on the field type selected you can select from a list of validation options. Note that validation in Generator created Editor installs is done on the server-side, not the client-side.
Extra options:
Depending on the field type selected you might be asked to provide extra information - for example when choosing the 'Select' field type you'll need to provide the options for the select list.
When checked the value will be shown in the DataTable.
When checked the field will be shown in the Editor form.
Remove the field definition from Generator.

Don't forget that Generator is just a quick start tool to get going with Editor! Complex forms and additional options can easily be set up and accessed through the api and initialisation options when you wish to customise Editor beyond options given in Generator!