Tuesday 4th July, 2023

Editor 2.2.0 release notes

Editor 2.2.0 is released alongside DataTables 1.13.5 and all of the other extensions for DataTables. It brings dark mode support for both DataTables and Bootstrap 5.3+ styling. All of the examples have also been updated to include VanillaJS example code (you can use a selector in the examples to switch between jQuery and VanillaJS styles).

There are also a few small fixes - see the release notes below for full details.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Release notes


  • New: Dark mode support for DataTables and Bootstrap 5.3+ styling
  • Update: Edited row highlight "flash" for how DataTables now handles row selection styling
  • Update: Examples all now have VanillaJS example code as well as older ES3 jQuery based code
  • Fix: Correct type inheritance for styling packages
  • Fix: Field names with spaces in would have a class name incorrectly assigned with a space as well. Now has an underscore in place of the space.
  • Fix: When using a styling integration with MJS, an error would occur about attempting to reassign an imported name.
  • Docs: Clarify in inError() that the error states are clear on submit


  • Fix: SearchBuilder "between" search was not inclusive (unlike the client-side varient)


  • Fix: SearchBuilder between was not inclusive, unlike the client-side varient