Tuesday 1st December, 2020

Editor 1.9.6 release notes

Patch release of Editor which addresses issues which have come to light since the previous release. While there are no new major features here, it is still a recommended upgrade for everyone using Editor.

For details on the changes in 1.9, please refer to the 1.9.0 release notes.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Release notes


  • JS: A Promise returned to preSubmit event couldn't be used to cancel a submit. It can now
  • JS: Closing the evelope controller would remove all events assigned inside it.
  • JS: Datetime month and year lists were not selectable on mobile
  • JS: Date time picker was difficult to use on iPad
  • JS: Remove jQuery deprecated bind and unbind methods from display controllers
  • JS: Performance improvement when adding multiple fields
  • CSS: Improvements to Editor lightbox on mobile
  • Docs: ajax.deleteBody was inconsistent in its description. Many thanks to danmauger for pointing this out.
  • Examples: Server-side code wasn't loading in the downloaded examples.


  • Fix: SearchPanes now takes readTable into account
  • Fix: Example for .NET Framework - the user controller was broken


  • New: editor.doValidate() method which can be used to disable validation if you have already used the validate() method, rather than having process do it again.
  • Fix: SearchPanes now takes readTable into account
  • Fix: REST controller for NodeJS demo package was missing


  • Fix: Docs - error in where method docs
  • Fix: Don't use JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK by default when calling json_encode() since it can cause valid leading zeros to be stripped. Instead there is now an optional second parameter to Editor->json() which can be used to pass in json_encode options.
  • Fix: SearchPanes now takes readTable into account