Wednesday 21st March, 2018

Editor 1.7.3 release notes

Editor 1.7.3 is primarily a bug fix release that addresses known issues, however it also introduces a few new features into the Javascript library. Of particular interest is the new scope option in form-options - this new option provides the ability to tell Editor if the whole row should be edited, or just the specifically selected cell(s). This is useful for cases where you might wish to update hidden values in the form while inline editing a single cell. The default behaviour (row) restores the default behaviour of Editor 1.6 and earlier.

There are also a few other new features and these are discussed fully below.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Release notes


  • Javascript
    • pre*Cancelled events (e.g. preSubmitCancelled) which can be used to trigger code when an action has been cancelled.
    • datetime now has a keyInput option which can be set to false to disallow the end user from typing into the field - instead forcing them to enter data via the calender.
    • scope option for formOptions. This allows control over the data that is used to populate the form - it can either be set to be row (which it is by default) in which case the data for the whole row being edited is populated, even if only a single cell is being edited, or cell, in which case only the data for the cells that are to be edited are populated.
    • preUpload event which can be used to cancel a file upload on the client-side (i.e. before it is uploaded to the server) using client-side validation logic.


  • JS
    • Standalone editor will now look for elements with a matching id, not just data-editor-id when collection editing.
  • Styling
    • Bootstrap 4 support for the block custom class to get full width fields in the modal


  • Javascript
    • If a field was added (add()) while in create or edit mode, an error would occur when attempting to submit the form.
    • Allow a node or jQuery instance containing a node to be given as an identifier for standalone editing.
    • Next arrow button for date picker wouldn't show up unless a max date was set
    • Bootstrap 3 integration - an error would be thrown if a modal-content element was used inside Editor's own model content.
    • If a null value was given to the form and not modified, Editor would incorrectly determine that the field's value was changed.
    • inError could incorrectly report that the form was in error, even when not.
  • PHP
    • Legacy validation error - maxLen in the legacy was actually using minLen
    • Improved handling of as aliases inside a sub-select
    • Function results couldn't be read from SQL Server
  • .NET
    • SQL function results couldn't be read from SQL Server
  • NodeJS
    • Allow 0 as a primary key value
    • Support for Knex 0.14
  • Styling
    • Compatibility with Foundation 6.4
  • Examples
    • Make it clearer how to trigger editing in display controller example