Monday 14th August, 2017

Editor 1.6.4 release notes

Editor 1.6.4 is likely to be the last update in the 1.6.x series as 1.7 is now closing in. As always with a patch release it focuses on fixes for known issues and minor incremental updates. It is a recommended update for all users of Editor.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Release notes


  • PHP
    • Beta support for DB2
    • PDO attributes can now be set using a pdoAttr array in the $sql_details array. These are passed straight to the PDO driver and allow, for example, SSL certificates to be used with the connection to the database.
    • Values which are passed into the preCreate and preEdit event handlers can now be modified in the event handler if the values parameter is marked as passed by reference. For example ->on( 'preCreate', function ( $editor, &$values ) {.



  • Javascript
    • When the datetime picker shows both date and time, it won't automatically close when a date is selected.
    • Using fields.multiEditable would incorrectly make a field not editable, even when only single row editing.
    • field().label() would remove the field label and make it impossible to use field().labelInfo().
    • Using loose type checking for a difference in value. The type will be lost when submitting via HTTP parameters and it avoids issues with strings and numbers being read from the DOM.
    • Correct the for attribute on the field label element when used with nested data (typically on a join field)
    • Documentation for field type plug-ins was missing the destroy() callback option
    • postSubmit would not be triggered if a custom Ajax call was used or local table editing used.
    • Select the DTE element for processing indication, even if it is hidden
    • When uploading a file a Javascript error could occur if the table information returned was not already defined by the data loading by DataTables.
  • PHP
    • Throw an error when an SQL exception happens
    • If no fields were settable, an error would result when creating a new row.
    • ACTION_DELETE const didn't align with the data submitted by Editor for a remove action
    • When using compound keys, check to see if a key column is null and if so throw an error stating this
    • Give an error message if json_encode fails (usually due to invalid UTF8 characters
  • .NET
    • Oracle tables which have a primary key which is a string would result in an exception.
    • Upload with an Oracle database would result in an exception on the server-side as the primary key value was not being set.
    • If no fields were settable, an error would be thrown when a new row was inserted.
    • Mjoin options were not populated if the parent table contained no data.
    • Boolean validation would not allow an empty value. If that is the case it should be marked with the validation options.
    • Compound key submission check wouldn't check if the field was settable or not.
    • Add a generic method for Unique validator to allow SQL Server to be given a specific data type for the query condition checking to see if the input value is unique or not.
  • Styling
    • Remove reference to Ajax loading image in Bubble CSS - no longer required
  • Examples
    • Display controller example didn't allow new rows to be created if there were no existing rows.
    • Display controller was missing the Buttons library, which was needed to display the Create button.
  • Documentation