1.5 upgrade

Backwards compatibility is fundamentally important for any new version of a software library, but there are times when there is no choice but to make a change that is not fully backwards compatible. There are two instances of this in the upgrade from Editor 1.4 to 1.5 which are documented in detail below.

Upgrading from 1.4

Client / server data interchange

Editor 1.5 introduces the ability to create and edit multiple rows with a single Ajax call. While this ability greatly increases the flexibility and utility of Editor, it has required that the client-server data interchange format that Editor uses has had to be updated. This document details what has changed and why, also explaining how you can revert to the 1.4- behaviour at the expense of the multi-row editing abilities of 1.5. Read more ».

Inline editing submit parameters

Inline and bubble editing in Editor 1.5 will, by default, submit only the field that has been modified, which is a change from 1.4- which would submit all fields. This is configurable using the form-options object as described in this document. Read more ».


One of the new features of Editor 1.5 is that the upload and uploadMany field types have been introduced to the core software. This replaces the previous `upload` plug-in field type that was available from Editor 1.4.1 (there was no equivalent of the uploadMany field type). This document details the changes that have been made and how you can update your software to use the new field type. Read more ».

If you have any any questions about the backwards compatibility of Editor 1.5, please feel free to post questions in the DataTables forums.