Since: Editor 1.0

Date input control.
Please note - this property requires the Editor extension for DataTables.

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This field type displays a date input control. Please note that as of Editor 1.5.2 the new datetime field type is preferred over this option as it provides a date and/or time picker built into Editor, that works cross platform.

This field type can operate in one of two ways:

  • If jQuery UI's DatePicker widget is available in the page, the DatePicker widget will be used.
  • If not, then the HTML 5 date input type will be used (i.e. <input type="date">). This does not currently enjoy very wide browser support though (only Chrome). To have it operate over all browsers, consider using this polyfill.

Comparison to datetime

Editor 1.5.2 introduces a new datetime field type which provides its own calendar picker and time input interface. It has a number of advantages over the date input option that is documented on this page:

  • Calendar picker works on all browsers
  • No external dependencies for simple date formatting
  • Can use Moment.js for advanced formatting options
  • Time input options (automatically detected from the format)
  • Attractive and modern UI

It is recommended for all new projects that the new datetime field type be used - however, the date field will continue to be part of Editor and supported for the full v1.x release series.