Friday 20th November, 2015

Editor 1.5.3 release notes

This is a relatively minor update to Editor that addresses a number of issues that have been identified since the last release. As such Editor 1.5.3 is a recommended upgrade for all developers using Editor.


Downloads of specific versions of Editor are only available to license holders. Please see the download page for information about the current release version.

Release notes


  • New - JS: fields.entityDecode option which can be used to control Editor's decoding of HTML entities for field values.
  • Fix - JS: field().set() was returning undefined rather than the field instance for chaining.
  • Fix - JS: select and dependent() used together could result in a field's current value not being selectable due to an async callback
  • Fix - JS: Trigger a change event on the input field when a date is selected using the UI widget for datetime
  • Fix - JS: Time display could be offset by the timezone difference to GMT
  • Fix - JS: datetime was not shown immediately when used with bubble or inline editing
  • Fix - JS: datetime would give an error in inline mode
  • Fix - JS: datetime when used with MomentJS and a timezone that observes daylight saving could offset the day selected in the calendar by 1.
  • Fix - JS: select would not correctly select boolean data
  • Fix - JS: Bootstrap modal would not focus on the first input element automatically
  • Fix - JS: Bootstrap modal would not close on background click, even with the form options set to enable that action.


  • Fix - CSS: Improved the look of the close button for the default Editor modal in Windows


  • New - PHP: Add noTags validation method which will ensure that the submitted string does not contain HTML.
  • New - PHP: xss validation method which will trigger a warning if a submitted string could contain an XSS attack.
  • Update - PHP: XSS prevention will no longer remove potential security threads, just neutralise them. This ensures that no data can be lost.
  • Update - PHP: Allow default XSS filter to be easily disabled using Field->xss( false ).
  • Update - PHP: Pass host information to validators so they have the row id to be validated on edit
  • Fix - PHP: Compatibility error with PHP 5.3 due to 5.4 array syntax being used.
  • Fix - PHP: Custom XSS method would result in a PHP error


  • New - .NET: Add NoTags validation method which will ensure that the submitted string does not contain HTML.
  • New - .NET: 'Xss' validation method which can be used to show an error message if an input string could contain an XSS attack.
  • Update - .NET: Allow default XSS filter to be easily disabled using Field.Xss( false ).
  • Fix - .NET: Allow nullable fields to be saved
  • Fix - .NET: Error when server-side processing due to incorrect type casting


  • Update - examples: Use datetime in the bubble examples
  • Fix - example: Split the column used for child row display and row selection into two distinct columns for the Responsive with inline editing example
  • Fix - example: jQuery UI date formatted US date format was wrong (two digit year rather than four)
  • Fix - example: Inline editing with KeyTable did not allow click to edit on a cell that had been submitted immediately before
  • Fix - examples: HTML entities were being double encoded in the server-side script example tab
  • Fix - examples: Delete for the staff PHP example was returning a 204 No Content due to debugging accidentally committed