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DataTables Editor v1.2.4 documentation


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Object models container, for the various models that DataTables has available to it. These models define the objects that are used to hold the active state and configuration of the table.




Model of the buttons that can be used with the Editor#buttons method for creating and displaying buttons (also the Editor#button argument option for the Editor#create, Editor#edit and Editor#remove methods). Although you don't need to extend this object, it is available for reference to show the options available.


Editor makes very few assumptions about how its form will actually be displayed to the end user (where in the DOM, interaction etc), instead focusing on providing form interaction controls only. To actually display a form in the browser we need to use a display controller, and then select which one we want to use at initialisation time using the display option. For example a display controller could display the form in a lightbox (as the default display controller does), it could completely empty the document and put only the form in place, ir could work with DataTables to use fnOpen / fnClose to show the form in a "details" row and so on. [...]


Object structure used to define a field (a user input control) in a form. The options shown here can provided to customise the field as required. All properties are optional with the exception of the name property which much be defined.


Model object for input types which are available to fields (assigned to Editor.fieldTypes). Any plug-ins which add additional input types to Editor must implement the methods in this object (dummy functions are given in the model so they can be used as defaults if extending this object). [...]


Settings object for Editor - this provides the state for each instance of Editor and can be accessed through the instance's s property. Note that the settings object is considered to be "private" and thus is liable to change between versions. As such if you do read any of the setting parameters, please keep this in mind when upgrading!