Namespace: fieldTypes

Ancestry: Editor. ยป fieldTypes

DataTables Editor v1.2.4 documentation


Hiding private elements (toggle)
Showing extended elements (toggle)

Field types array - this can be used to add field types or modify the pre-defined options. By default Editor provides the following field tables (these can be readily modified, extended or added to using field type plug-ins if you wish to create a custom input control):

  • hidden - A hidden field which cannot be seen or modified by the user
  • readonly - Input where the value cannot be modified
  • text - Text input
  • password - Text input but bulleted out text
  • textarea - Textarea input for larger text inputs
  • select - Single select list
  • checkbox - Checkboxs
  • radio - Radio buttons
  • date - Date input control (requires jQuery UI's datepicker)