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DtRequest Class
Representation of a DataTables or Editor request. This can be any form of request from the two libraries, including a standard DataTables get, a server-side processing request, or an Editor create, edit or delete command.
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Namespace:  DataTables
Assembly:  DataTables (in DataTables.dll) Version: (
public class DtRequest

The DtRequest type exposes the following members.

Public methodDtRequest
Convert an HTTP request submitted by the client-side into a DtRequest object
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Public methodStatic memberHttpData
Convert HTTP request data, in the standard HTTP parameter form submitted by jQuery into a generic dictionary of string / object pairs so the data can easily be accessed in .NET. This static method is generic and not specific to the DtRequest. It may be used for other data formats as well. Note that currently this does not support nested arrays or objects in arrays
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Public fieldAction
Editor action request
Public fieldColumns
Column information for server-side processing
Public fieldData
Dictionary of data sent by Editor (may contain nested data)
Public fieldDraw
DataTables draw counter for server-side processing
Public fieldIds
List of ids for Editor to operate on
Public fieldLength
DataTables page length parameter for server-side processing
Public fieldOrder
Column ordering information for server-side processing
Public fieldRequestType
Type of request this instance contains the data for
Public fieldSearch
Search information for server-side processing
Public fieldStart
DataTables record start pointer for server-side processing
Public fieldUploadField
Upload field name
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